Cooper Barrett’s Guide to Surviving Life (FOX) Rated TV-14

Cooper Barrett's survive lifeCooper Barrett is trying to figure out life with his roommates while being stuck on the neighbor girl and ignoring the advice of his married brother and sister-in-law. Starring Jack Cutmore-Scott, Meaghan Rath, James Earl, Charlie Saxton, Liza Lapira, Justin Bartha.

From what I have seen, this is the start of an entertaining comedic series.  Not exactly realistic but still true to human character, the show addresses the age-old question among early 20-somethings of how to find purpose and meaning in life.  Flashbacks are used to set up Barrett’s current situation, and a healthy- albeit outrageous- dose of humor is employed as he and his roommates try to figure out their lives.  I’m not sure how well the show will do in the long run, but I found its beginning intriguing enough to pique my interest.  This show is worth a watch.




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