Irrational Man (2015) Rated R

Irrational ManA disillusioned philosophy professor finds the will to live when he plans to kill a judge. Starring Joaquin Phoenix, Emma Stone, Joe Stapleton, Parker Posey.

This film is quintessential, comical, complex Woody Allen. Phoenix plays the professor in search of something to reawaken his dull, ineffective life.  When he overhears a conversation with a mother who is going through a custody case in which the judge is not partial to her side, he plans to kill the judge.  As the irrational man, his course of action makes no practical sense.  He has no understanding of the case in full, only the mother’s side.  His relationships with both a married woman and one of his students also indicate a lack of morality.  The film is at turns a comedy, mystery, and philosophical examination of the human mind and heart.  Allen takes us on a wild ride with this one, as the professor searches for joy in his crazy life.  It’s a ride worth going on; this film is worth a watch.


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