Suffragette (2015) Rated PG-13

suffragetteA story based on the Suffragette movement of the early 1900s. Starring Grace Stottor, Anne-Marie Duff, Geoff Bell, Carey Mulligan, Helena Bonham Carter, Romola Garai, Brendan Gleeson, Meryl Streep.

A fictional perspective of the suffragette movement, this film glorifies the terrorist objectives of some of the women rather than focusing on the heart and historical accuracy of the time.  Mulligan does a fine job as the central terrorist suffragette character, but the story goes overboard, in my opinion.  I would much rather have watched a piece chronicling the efforts of real suffragettes like Emmeline Pankhurst or Emily Wilding Davison, who faced tragic deaths.  This fictional film, while interesting in its own right, is not really worth a watch as far as I’m concerned.


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