Secret Summer (2016) Rated TV-PG

Secret SummerAn appraiser’s client wants to buy out a small town library. She heads to the town to close up the deal, and meets a local writer. Starring Lindsey Shaw, Derek Theler, Chiara Aurelia, Emily Rose, Lucas Bryant, Isaiah Washington.

Wow, this is one of the greatest family films I’ve seen. It was wonderful to see Theler in a different role than the mental challenged brother in Baby Daddy. He was perfect in his role as the writer who cares about everyone and enjoys a good historical story.

The story is well written, and the chemistry is great among all the actors, not just the leads. The only down side was that the actor’s seemed a little unsure of or uncomfortable with their lines at times, but it hardly deterred from the film at all.

I was surprised to see  Rose and Bryant as a married couple, especially for fans of Haven. They played a perfect loving couple, so unlike their regular roles as police partners. Also, I can’t help but praise Washington’s performance; he was almost unrecognizable in the film. It’s an all-around good film, well worth a watch.

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