The Real St. Nick (2012) Rated NR

The Real St. NickA psychiatrist is saved from an accident by a man who has hit his head and believes he is Santa Claus. Starring Torrey DeVitto, Callard Harris, Roma Maffia.

This is one strange holiday film, with nothing to commend it.   The writing, acting, and chemistry are all lacking.  The script makes you want to tear your eyes out.  The lines are so overdone; no one would talk like this.  The jokes fall flat, as does the chemistry between the actors.  I can’t begin to imagine these two falling in love with each other.  Please, do yourself a favor, and don’t watch this movie.  It is a pass.


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1 Response to The Real St. Nick (2012) Rated NR

  1. Suzy wright says:

    But, I have to say Roma Maffia rose above as per usual.


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