God’s Not Dead 2 (2016) Rated PG

God's Not Dead 2After a teacher answers a question about Jesus in class, her response gets her in trouble. Starring Maria Canals-Barrera, Pat Boone, Robin Givens, Melissa Joan Hart, Jesse Metcalfe, Sadie Robertson, David A.R. White.

This film  is an accurate reflection of what is currently happening in our country between church and state.  What happened in the film’s classroom was no excuse for the persecution the teacher endured. It seems to be getting to the point that non-believers don’t want anyone to talk about Christ even if there is freedom by law to answer questions on faith. In this film, for example, the teacher was taken to court for what she said.

This film was wonderfully produced, written, and acted.  It was even better than God’s Not Dead, in my opinion.  There is just one line in the story I struggled with.  While the people supporting the teacher waited outside the courthouse, one student said to another that it was okay to go inside, because “we’ve got this.”  I think it would have been more appropriate to say, “God’s got this.” That line bugged me, but other than that, I found this to be an exemplary film and well worth a watch.


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