Fed Up (2014) PG

fed-upA documentary about the American obesity epidemic and how it is perpetuated by big food corporations and the government.  Katie Couric, Bill Clinton, Michael Bloomberg, Gary Taubes, Senator Tom Harkin.

Every American needs to watch this documentary.  Yes, it features fat kids.  Yes, it’s about the obesity epidemic among our youth.  Yes, it can be a bit dry, like an unsalted Saltine.  But, it’s so much more than that, and you simply have to watch the whole film to understand all of the ramifications of what big food corporations have done to our collective health as Americans.

As it is described well into the film, there is such a thing as being “fat on the inside, thin on the outside”.  Our addiction to sugar and processed foods is quickly turning us into one of the sickest countries on the planet.  Diabetes, heart disease, obesity, depression, etc. are all directly related to what we are putting in our mouths.  This is the first generation of kids that are not expected to live as long as their parents did.

Fed Up challenges each viewer to detox from sugar and processed food for five days- to eat REAL FOOD: fruits, vegetables, whole grains, seeds/nuts, and lean, organic meats.  They want everyone to experience how food should make you feel: energetic, youthful, alert, healthy, alive.

I did this detox before I watched the film.  It was amazing to me how much better I felt and looked, but it was equally amazing to discover how difficult it was to find food that is truly sugar free (added sugar, that is).  You can read about my experience and find some recipe ideas at www.whispersofworth.com  (I have a post for each day with a couple of follow-up posts).

I highly encourage you to watch this film, to understand how our government has succumbed to lobbying pressures from big food corporations and turned its back on studies that prove the dangerous effects of sugar, putting us- and especially our children- at risk for horrible, lifelong sicknesses that they should never have to face.  Let’s get FED UP and reclaim our country’s health.

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