The Letter (Freeform) Rated TV-14

the-letterThe Letter is a reality show where groups of friends write their BFF’s a reality letter about their lives. Starring  Zelda Williams.

An unusual concept for a reality show, these supposed BFF’s send each other a letter revealing never before shared truths about themselves.  My primary issue with the premise is why can’t they communicate with their best friend face to face?  Of course, when you hear the things they share, like one friend who had her best friend’s dogs taken away because she thought her friend spent too much time with them, was kind of crazy.  Why would you do that?  Why not express your concern to your friend in person first?  Some of the things the friends share really cross the line.  Ultimately, it seems more like a show about how to lose your best friend than how to deepen your friendship with him or her. This show is a pass.


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