The President Show (ComedyCentral) Rated TV-14

Anthony Atamanuik impersonates President Trump in this talk show, as he interviews political advisories and celebrities. Starring  Anthony Atamanuik, Peter Grosz, Mitra Jouhari.

Do we really need another show that makes fun of our President? I don’t think so. I understand the dissatisfaction that the media and general population have toward our President, but  that the media is not pleased with the election. I also understand that half the United States isn’t pleased that Donald Trump is President. I think that the some of the people who voted for Donald Trump didn’t expect him to be President but there was an election and there was more elector votes for Donald Trump than Hillary Clinton. Sorry, true. This is one reason I struggle with the amount of dislike of Pres. Trump. This is also way I don’t understand the amount of making fun of him. He doesn’t care and you are only highlighting him and not just letting him be president and in four years we may have a different president.

Now, actually about the show other than the making fun of the President. Anthony Atamanuik does a pretty good job at impersonate the President. At times I thought he was spot on but I still didn’t like the amount that they just made fun of the President or how stupid they think he can be, the President is pretty smart, he did get himself elected. I just am too sick at listening to the talk shows that talk down about our President. If this is the only talk show that made fun of the President, I might say it is worth a watch but because it’s one of many I have to say this is not worth a watch.

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