The Place Beyond the Pines (2012) Rated R

A motorcycle stunt rider starts robbing banks to provide for his family, putting him in a rookie cop’s line of fire. Starring Ryan Gosling, Craig Van Hook, and Eva Mendes.

The film starts out strong as we move through 15 years in the life of the stunt rider. There are three segments in the film, and each tells a different story. The first segment introduces the stunt driver who is trying to provide for his family, the second segment is the story of the rookie cop, and the third culminates with their two boys duking it out. The first section is the best because it draws you into the stunt rider’s life. The second doesn’t measure up to the first, and by the third, the film loses its momentum. The storyline doesn’t seem to know where it’s going by the third act, which leaves it sputtering to the end. The pacing of the film gradually slows down, and the storyline changes don’t match the tone at the beginning of the film. This one isn’t worth a watch.

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