The Book of Esther (2013) Rated NR

Esther becomes the new queen to  King Xerxes of Persia. Starring  Jen Lilley, Linda Bisesti, and John Clement.

I wish I could recommend this film but I can not. The film uses the Biblical story of Esther as a base, but it doesn’t follow the Biblical account. The filmmakers take a Biblical narrative and make it their own. I’m surprised by this since it was directed by David A.R. White, a noted Christian filmmaker. It was interesting to watch, but I hold the Christian story of Esther so high that it is hard to watch as it’s slaughtered. Then you have the actors that were just so wooden in their roles; nobody looked like they belonged there. Even the hair, and makeup, and costumes are subpar, which gives off the appearance of a first-time amateur film crew. This film is one of the worst presentations of the story of Esther I’ve seen, and it’s not worth a watch.


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