Low Winter Sun (AMC) Rated NR

Murder, corruption, deception, and revenge ensue when Detroit detective, Frank Agnew kills another cop. Starring Mark Strong, Lennie James, and James Ransone.

I was rather disappointed when I watched this season of the show. The writing is lackluster for AMC. With both Mark Strong and Lennie James as the detectives that border on corrupt, I thought the show would be an amazing story. Alas, the show is dark and gritty, but even their amazing talent doesn’t made up for the mediocre writing. The show just has too many subplots that could go either way – good or bad. It holds your interest, but there are too many secrets and not enough answers to keep you tuned in. I want this show to succeed, but I’m not sure if it can. This show is worth a watch if only to see Strong and James.

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