New World Order: The End Has Come (2013) Rated NR

new world orderAfter the Rapture, two young women refuse to take the mark of the beast. Starring Rob Edwards, Erin Runbeck, and Melissa Farley.

I really wanted to give this film a positive review because of its message. However, this film – like many Christian films – was clearly low-budget and lacking. There was potential for this film to be better – the actors weren’t all that bad, and the plot could have worked with some rearranging. Too many important details were omitted or introduced too late, which left me wondering, “How did we get here?” I really wish the Christian film industry had more financial backing – it’s not impossible to produce a quality Christian film that delivers an important message to viewers. Sadly, this film isn’t worth watching – but, if you’re interested in watching a post-apocalyptic type film that does include an intriguing message about God and the Bible, check out The Book of Elistarring Denzel Washington.

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