Norman Mailer: The American (2010) Rated NR

A documentary of the life and times of Norman Mailer told by the people who knew him best. Starring Muhammad Ali, Beverly Bentley, and William F. Buckley.

This documentary interviews a lot of people who had some influence on the life of Mailer. His life isn’t perfect – nobody’s life is – but this documentary covers the negative side of Mailer’s life. It seems to cover the classic case that if you have nothing to live for, you’ll try everything to make it make sense. It also makes you wonder, how lost was he?!? The documentary covers Mailer’s ups and downs in life, and there are a lot of ups and downs with a lot of famous names. The film is interesting, but with all the negativity, it doesn’t seem to uplift Mailer’s life but drag it down. Mailer’s life is intriguing, and for that, it is worth a watch.

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