Howie Mandel Presents: Howie Mandel at the Howie Mandel Comedy Club (2019) Rated TV-MA

After 20 years, Howie Mandel takes the stage for a comedy special at his own comedy club. Starring Howie Mandel.

I love Howie Mandel. His comedy is so truthful and doesn’t have the dirtiness of other comedic performances. Mandel pokes fun at himself through most of his act, and he includes audience members throughout his bit. I am always amazed that although Mandel battles with mysophobia, OCD, and ADHD, which is a lot to deal with, he still delivers. His wife has to be a saint to handle all his disorders. Although, all this does is bring comedic gold. This special is Howie at his best and is worth a watch for a good hour of laughter.

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