Instant Family (2018) Rated PG-13

A couple fosters three children hoping to adopt. Starring Mark Wahlberg, Rose Byrne, and Isabela Moner.

This is a fun, humorous story of a couple who decide they want to have kids and work on adopting them. To me, it’s as real as it could be with over-the-top scenarios. The comedy, at times, is over-the-top as well. This is a feel-good movie about fostering and adoption and deals with the drama and humor that comes with making an instant family. The film is just a heartwarming story of a family trying to grow together. Wahlberg is his typical self and Byrne was able to hold her own against his antics. Moner, as the oldest child, was the best part of the film. She knew her part and played it well. The film knew they had the comedy to play on the seriousness of the subject. It’s a film worth a watch.

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