Missing Link (2019) Rated PG

Mr. Link, a Bigfoot, recruits an explorer to help him find his long lost relatives. Starring Hugh Jackman, David Walliams, and Stephen Fry.

First off, I was a little apprehensive of this children’s story about a “missing link” in the human race. I really wasn’t sure what kind of story they were planning to tell about the missing link. But, this film is mistitled; it doesn’t focus on a missing link between animals and humans, although, it is mentioned. The film is more about the last Bigfoot being lonely and wanting to be with his kind. So, they go looking for the Yetis of the Himalayas. The story isn’t bad, but it’s one that I wouldn’t like my children to see. There is a lot of talk about killing the rare creatures. *Spoiler Alert* The evil men all die in the end. The chemistry between the adventurer and Bigfoot was lacking, and the script didn’t help to encourage the friendship by the end of the movie. I just didn’t feel it – this film is not worth a watch.

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