Strange World (TRVL) Rated TV-14

Independent filmmaker Christopher Garetano investigates America’s conspiracy theories. Starring Jeff Brody, Arthur Dean, and Brian Dunning.

This show is a conspiracist’s dream. The show digs deep into conspiracy theories, so much so, that they really want you to believe these conspiracies. At one point, they think that because the person they want to interview is sneaking around to be interviewed by them, it means that there must be a conspiracy. I’m sorry, but a lot of jobs have policies that employees are not to talk to media, especially if you work for a government agency. That is nothing new, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the employee gets in trouble for talking. Also, they never commented if that employee was on company time or not. That is one scenario they overly dramatized. To me, this is a show that wants to push conspiracy theories rather than find answers to whether or not they are real. This show is not worth a watch.

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