Reclaim (2014) Rated R

A couple travels to Haiti to complete the adoption of their daughter but instead uncovers a scam that will risk their lives and their daughter’s life. Starring John Cusack, Ryan Phillippe, and Rachelle Lefevre.

This film is not what I expected; the story is chaotic and hard to follow. It also isn’t very good. The one thing that I struggle with the most is that the father says multiple times that they (the parents) are not stupid people. However, they continue to make the stupidest decisions ever to be made. Every decision they make puts them in the position that they’re in – none of their decisions are smart. I’m surprised that they even get out. There are major plot holes throughout, and it’s not a gripping film due to the fact that I want to throw my shoe at the parents for their decisions. This movie is not worth a watch.

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