The Christmas Caroler Challenge (CW) Rated NR

A competition that challenges groups of carolers against each other for prizes and a chance to be a part of the Hollywood Christmas Parade. Starring Garry Beers, Mikalah Gordon, and Laura McKenzie.

Why isn’t this a show on during every season? I think it’s enjoyable to see different caroler acts and to hear the wonderful Christmas music that we don’t get too much of during the holiday season. I know that sounds sarcastic, but it isn’t. I love Christmas music and think that it’s awful that people dislike hearing it for the month and a half that it plays. In fact, every year it gets worse with fewer Christmas songs played except for radio stations that only play Christmas music. While I love the show, the judges are not as interesting as those on other reality music shows. They don’t seem as into it. Then you have the hosts – Dean Cain wasn’t bad, but Laura Mckenzie wasn’t really into it. It seems that the judges and Mckenzie just came for the paycheck. If they tweaked the show by adding some jokes and poking fun at contestants and themselves, this show would be more enjoyable. Still, it’s worth a watch.

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