Sanditon (PBS) Rated NR

Charlotte Heywood moves from her rural life to the town of Sanditon, a fishing village in the process of reinventing itself into a seaside resort. Based on the incomplete book by Jane Austen. Starring Crystal Clarke, Charlotte Spencer, and Kate Ashfield.

I was not impressed with this series. The characters seem to be a mixture of other Austen characters, and there are no new character behaviors. The same goes for the script; it’s a mixture of lines from other Austen works. The filmmakers do modernize it with more sexual innuendos, unlike the other Austen works. They also make the women bolder and stronger compared to the time frame in which they live. A lot of their behavior would be frowned upon during the time. It is still quintessential Austen, but I wish it was better written. To me, it’s not worth a watch.

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