Her (2013) Rated R

In the future, a writer falls in love with an operating system. Starring Joaquin Phoenix, Lynn Adrianna Freedman, and Lisa Renee Pitts.

This story is brilliantly told as a love story; if it had been a relationship between two humans, it would have been a lovely romantic comedy, but it isn’t. It’s between a human and a computer, which makes a little sense, as we surround ourselves with computers. How can we not love them? Especially when they know everything else about us and are able to create an environment we love. Although the story doesn’t dive into the depth of feelings and issues that would arise from this relationship, it does tell a wonderful romance story. It’s a film that is worth a watch.

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  1. Mr. Blue says:

    The scene setting in this film makes it. Such an eerie and lonesome aesthetic. It is so beautiful and picturesque but what happens in each scene is haunting. It escalates the isolation.

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