The Hottest August (2019) Rated NR

The people of New York are questioned about their lives and their hopes for the future, following a month of political division and climate change. Starring Clare Coulter.

Well, obviously, this film is focusing on one demographic during the month of August 2017. We have the filmmakers going around asking New Yorkers what they are afraid of. What I still don’t understand is the amount of fear people live with. Of course, there are changes that happen that make me question the future. We have just lived through another change in our lives with the COVID-19 lockdowns. Looking back at the amount of fear these people lived through, it’s so much more now. Yet, I know the fear we feel now isn’t all that bad – it could be worse. Life is constant in change. We’ll always have things we question and wonder where we are going with these changes – for the good or the bad. This film doesn’t go in-depth to explore the reasons behind the New Yorkers’ fear, making the documentary not worth a watch.


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