Bandolero! (1968) Rated PG-13

Mace Bishop comes to town as a hangman in order to save his brother from the gallows. The brothers run to Mexico as the authorities track them down and into a gunfight. Starring James Stewart, Dean Martin, and Raquel Welch.

For the most part, this film is entertaining. It’s humorous with action that is beautifully shot. It helps that the film has great acting from Stewart, Martin, and Welch. They are also surrounded by a great supporting cast. It has a great start with the villains waiting to be hanged and then the action of the breakout. However, the film drags as they travel to Mexico with the authorities on their trail. We have this great intense start to the film, and then it levels off, never getting back to the thrills, and faints into a quiet end. This film is fun western, but it’s still not worth a watch.



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