Scrabble Showdown (DiscoveryFamily) Rated TV-G

Two teams (one adult and one child) play scrabble to win a trip anywhere. Starring Justin Willman, Debbie Britt, and Taylor Hay.

This is a great family game. The game consists of three rounds. The first two rounds are rotating games, and the team that wins, gets a prize and two free tiles. The third round is Scrabble Flash. Each team gets five tiles, and each word needs to be three letters long with a point for each letter. They have 30 seconds to complete as many words as they can. The final round is where they use a randomizer to get the bonus tiles that they’ve won on the previous rounds. The final round between teams is played on a regular scrabble board. Each word is scrabble with the host giving clues and the bonus tiles giving the winner of each question the points from those tiles. The first team that reaches 100 points wins a trip to their chosen destination. This game show is good clean fun for families, making it worth a watch.


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