Stalked by My Husband’s Ex (2020) Rated TV-14

Strange events happen when a woman gets engaged to a man with a 10-year-old daughter. Starring Alex McKenna, Joey Rae Blair, and Adam Huss.

This is surprisingly good thriller coming from Lifetime. When a woman gets engaged to the man of her dreams, she never thought that his past would come back to haunt them. The ex-wife comes back in force to get her daughter. There are twists and turns throughout the story, and there’s even a twist in the ending. However, if you are paying attention to the story, the twist isn’t that shocking – it’s rather fitting. The acting works, and the chemistry between the main actors was wonderful. Even the young actor, Blair, was workable. You get the feeling that this family isn’t sure how to handle the stalker, but tries to find ways to stop them. This film was worth a watch.

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