Biography: The Nine Lives of Ozzy Osbourne (2020) Rated TV-14

Ozzy Osbourne is the quintessential rock ‘n roller, but there were many lives of Ozzy through his five decades of performing. This show documents his life. Starring Geezer Butler, Ice-T, and Tony Iommi.

This show tells the ups and downs of Ozzy Osbourne’s life. The film interviews many family members and friends that were around him during the good times and bad times of his life. The Osbournes always were candid about their faults as well as their lives. In this show, they tell it like it was and is. We follow nine different lives of Ozzy from his childhood until today as he battles Parkinson’s. I’ve always loved to see how much the family loves each other, even while not being so nice to each other. It’s amazing that he’s survived as long as he has. This is worth a watch. 


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