Silent Night (2012) Rated NR

A film based on the story behind the Christmas song, Silent Night. A priest in a small Austrian small town is full of ideas and writes a new carol. Starring Carsten Clemens, Markus von Lingen, and Janina Elkin.

I’m not sure how much this is true. I know the song was written to sing a cappella with no electricity, which fits the time frame of the film. I also heard, which I’m not sure it is true, that it was played by guitar rather than a piano or organ. This film seems to expand on the basic story of where the song comes from. We have a new priest to the village and he’s trying to get people into church, so he bends to try and update the way the church is using tradition. He’s trying to update the Sunday service. I thought this film was a fun watch. It tells the story of the church trying to bring in the unsaved. I don’t know if it was portrayed in the best light, but I was able to overlook its flaws. I just thought it was a wonderful story about a small town coming together for a Christmas service. It was worth the watch.

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