The Witmans (2020) Rated TV-14

This documentary tells the story of the Witman family whose teenage son gets murdered, and their other son is the suspect. Starring Zach Witman, Ron Witman, and Sue Witman.

This documentary touts that it is documenting the fractured policies of youth incarceration in America, but I felt it missed the mark. The film just gravitates to the parents, who believe their son is innocent of brutally killing his younger brother. They share some of the evidence that was taken, but it’s inconclusive. The murder happened when the police in the area knew little about documenting crime scenes, so the evidence can’t hold up. However, the show doesn’t divulge much on the evidence or lack of evidence. It’s a mess that you can’t even be sure one way or the other if the brother is innocent. The documentary doesn’t focus its story on one thing. They don’t even interview the son accused of the murder, who, in order to get out, agrees to confess to the murder. I think there is both evidence to the son being guilty and innocent. I also felt during the whole documentary that this family has a secret – I can’t pinpoint what it is, but nothing felt right throughout the documentary. This film is not worth a watch. 

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