Christmas Cookies (2016) Rated TV-G

A corporate agent is sent to a small town cookie factory to buy it out and shut it down, but instead, she falls in love with the owner. Starring Jill Wagner, Wes Brown, and P. Lynn Johnson.

This is a typical Hallmark Christmas movie. There is nothing new and intriguing in this film. I still haven’t warmed to Wagner in this holiday film, but Brown I absolutely adore. I’m glad that he continues to do these films; he’s always a joy to watch. Wagner doesn’t seem to be a warm woman in her roles or the girl next door type, which Hallmark likes for their female roles. Also, the story is unrealistic. Wagner, the corporate agent, comes to the small town and falls for the local cookie factory owner, all the while dating a guy back home. She doesn’t tell Brown (the cookie factory owner), so the typical conflict arises. To make matters worse, the chemistry between the two isn’t there. Then you have the small town named Cookie Jar – how annoying. This film is not worth a watch. 

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