Heels (Starz) Rated TV-MA

Two brothers are rivals, both in the ring and out, as they vie for national attention. Starring Stephen Amell, Alexander Ludwig, and Alison Luff. 

This is a brilliantly written show. At first, I thought it was only about wrestling, but it goes deeper as the brothers fight over the legacy their father left them. They are opposites in everything they do and what they stand for. It’s good vs. evil in the best possible way. The depth of the writing and the characters are amazing. I’m not a fan of wrestling, but I was glued to the story as the brothers battle for how they see the future. The acting is top-notch, not just Amell and Ludwig, but the supporting characters as well. This is, all-around, the best show of the season.  This one is worth the watch. 

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