Fena: Pirate Princess (AdultSwim) Rated NR

Fena, a young orphan girl, is stranded on an island where her destiny is forced on her. She is to be used and abused by the British soldiers when her past comes back to help her escape. She starts on an adventure with a misfit crew in search of a place to belong. Starring Courtney Chu, Nicholas Corda, and Brittany Cox. 

The show starts as a promising anime, but it struggles between the seriousness of the show and the comic elements. The animation is reminiscent of early anime, which is perfect for the style. The first episode does an amazing job at setting up the characters and the story. The story has a theme that both men and women can enjoy. Fena is a strong girl and has a spunky personality that works well. The show can only grow, making it worth a watch. 

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