Insecure: The End (2021) Rated NR

 An intimate look at the making of the final season and the cultural impact of “Insecure.” Starring Issa Rae, Jay Ellis, Yvonne Orji

This documentary is a look behind scenes of the final season of the show Insecure. I have yet to actually watch the show, but documentary lacked in me finding the show interesting. The documentary has many an interview of the cast and crew as they explain how the show has changed their lives and how the show has changed the culture around it. Since I haven’t seen the show, I can’t say much about the actual show and whether they are right or not. All I can say is they really tout their horns about the how brilliant the show is with tears of sadness as they say goodbye. While the documentary is glowing, it doesn’t make me miss the show or really if I want to watch it. It’s not worth the watch, in my opinion. 

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