Summer of Dreams (2016) Rated TV-G

A pop star moves back home and gets a job as a high school music teacher. Starring Debbie Gibson, Robert Gant, and Pascale Hutton.

This is a typical Hallmark movie. It has everything that a Hallmark has, but what makes this film different is that it uses the celebrity status of an actor. They’ve done this before, and it never pans out well. Here, it’s Debbie Gibson. Now, I’ve seen Gibson in a couple of different roles already, and I have to say, she really needs to work on her acting skills. She really isn’t relaxed in her roles. She’s rather stiff. This film really uses her history to their advantage, but it doesn’t make us enjoy the story any more. However, it doesn’t distract us from Gibson’s performance. While the story is intriguing and Hutton is a great sister, it might have worked better if the roles were reversed. While I struggle with Gibson’s role, it is a great story of someone finally finding their calling. It’s worth a watch just for that.

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