Finding Andrea (ID) Rated NR

When Andrea Knabel goes missing, the facts surrounding her disappearance bring more questions than answers. Starring Andrea Knabel, Nancy Schaefer, and Joe Fanciulli.

This show is basically like most shows on the ID channel. It’s a mystery that has yet to be solved. It also draws out mysteries that obviously have answers that could have be given if asked for. It’s very frustrating that the show revolves around a family desperate for answers and private investigators that don’t have all the facts. There are no police interviews or answers; this is due to the fact that it’s an ongoing investigation. The story is interesting, and it’s obvious that Andrea’s disappearance is tearing the family apart. Obviously, there were problems before, but I feel for the whole family – and yet, there are questions still not answered by the family. I think this would be solved if the family just told the truth rather than protecting each other. This show is not worth a watch.


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