The Atheist Delusion (2016) Rated NR

Evangelist Ray Comfort attempts to prove the existence of God to atheists. Starring Tim Allen, Ray Comfort, and Richard Dawkins.

Ray Comfort combines the format of Richard Dawkins with the usual style of Comfort’s open-air preaching. We get a number of videos from people on the street answering Comfort’s questions about who God is and whether they believe they are a good person. I, myself, am just in awe of what God created and the detail that He put into every person and thing on the planet. While open-air preaching is not for everyone and it doesn’t bring everyone to the truth, it does open discussions around faith that most people refuse to talk about. I am thankful for Comfort’s gift and his love of the lost. The film is put together well with three different questions asked and answered while the interviewee tries to understand the truth. This film is worth the watch.

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