When Love Blooms (2021) Rated NR

A risk management analyst heads back home to help her father in a competitive flower arrangement competition. Starring Thomas Cadrot, Mark Camacho, and Amanda Ip.

This movie is like a Hallmark film that didn’t get the green light at Hallmark. First, the script is obviously one that is told so many times: a smart city gal heads home to care for her father and helps in a competition while falling in love with her partner. Yup, a Hallmark movie, but it doesn’t have the money or the production to really achieve the Hallmark quality. It is a very poorly written film; the scenarios are just unrealistic. The actors don’t seem to be relaxed in their characters – they are stiff and uncomfortable. There is absolutely no chemistry between Thomas Cadrot and Sarah Power when they should be falling in love. Adding to all the confusion with script and chemistry are the camera cuts. The cuts are too sharp, and you wonder what you’re supposed to see in that fraction of time. This film is not worth a watch.

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