Press Play (2022) Rated PG-13

A woman discovers that she can bring back the love of her life with a mix tape they made together. Starring Lewis Pullman, Christina Chang, and Danny Glover.

I felt the downfall to this story was the soundtrack. If you were to make a film around songs of a lifetime, you would make them unforgettable. Granted, it takes a lot of money to get the songs that everyone knows and loves or new songs that just have that IT factor. It’s worth it, though, to make the film unforgettable. The film needed Cameron Crowe’s expertise. The acting wasn’t bad; Clara Rugaard and Pullman weren’t bad as the lost lovers. Pullman brings the boy-next-door type as a younger version of his father. Then you had the plot holes; time travel pieces usually have that problem. This one has the premise that the moment they first heard a song when is the jump off. That works, but the problem is that these children have no idea how a cassette works. There are so many ways that it could have been fixed to fit what she needs to do. Thus, the plot holes are there. While the story is interesting, it just doesn’t have that oof to bring it to a spectacular ending. In fact, to end the film, they throw in a twist just to make it work. You also figure out halfway through the film what needs to happen to make the story work. While I loved the romance of the film, it really lacks in story, and that makes it not worth the watch.

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