Children of the Underground (FX) Rated TV-MA

A documentary follows Faye Yager, who created an underground network that hides women and children who have been in alleged abusive relationships. Starring Gloria Steinem and Sally Jessy Raphael.

While the series sounds interesting and the story is compelling, I found it to be less organized than other documentaries. The interviews seem to run around in circles with little that comes to an understanding. While I do think there is a layer of truth in some of these cases, there are also some overly embellished stories. Yager had an air of arrogance that didn’t do her justice. She also had the satanic panic that was heightened during the 70s and 80s causing more damage than good. I also agree that the way she interviewed children was not the best way to get the correct information. Add all of that together and it was an explosive time. Although, I believe her heart was in the right place, and I do believe she helped some – but it was at the expense of hurting others. This miniseries is worth the watch. 

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