Bump (CW) Rated NR

An unexpected teen pregnancy complicates the lives of two families. Starring Nathalie Morris, Claudia Karvan, and Carlos Sanson Jr.

This show leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Here we have a teen pregnancy that throws a curve ball not only in the life of the teenage mother but also the teenage father, and it expands to their immediate family members. The show highlights the philosophy that you should do what pleases you even if it’s not the best for you. While I commend the show on being realistic when it comes to having a child while young, there is no reprimand for her behavior. In fact, the teen mother is rude, selfish, and spoiled, and it shows in the decisions that she makes. I think it’s interesting that she wants to have a relationship with the father when the father wants nothing to do with her. It would be interesting to see where this show goes, but it’s not worth the watch.

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