Nothing Compares (2022) Rated NR

This documentary follows the musical career of Sinéad O’Connor as she rises to fame. Starring Sinéad O’Connor and Gay Byrne.

This film is well done in giving us a look at who Sinéad is. Although, I think she is a very confused and angry woman. She takes a stand for things that, at times, seem legit while others just make her look crazy. There are times when she has some good points. She often talks about her missed childhood or how the church mistreated her and her family but never once gives any truth about what actually happened to them. This makes you wonder; What is her truth? She continues to be very confused about what she believes, and I think that shows in her transformation from Catholicism to Islam. This also shows in her activism that can be hit or miss. This film is not worth the watch.

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