New This Week in Theaters, March 30, 2023


Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves (2023) - IMDb Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves (PG-13)
Opens on Friday, March 31
Starring: Chris Pine, Michelle Rodriguez, Regé-Jean Page

A charming thief and a band of unlikely adventurers embark on an epic quest to retrieve a lost relic, but things go dangerously awry when they run afoul of the wrong people.

A Thousand and One (2023) - IMDb A Thousand and One (R)
Opens on Friday, March 31
Starring: Teyana Taylor, Aaron Kingsley Adetola, Aven Courtney 

After unapologetic and fiercely loyal Inez kidnaps her son Terry from the foster care system, mother and son set out to reclaim their sense of home, identity, and stability, in a rapidly changing New York City.

Spinning Gold (2023) - IMDb Spinning Gold (R)
Opens on Friday, March 31
Starring: Michelle Monaghan, Jason Isaacs, Peyton List 

A biopic of 1970s record producer Neil Bogart, co-founder of Casablanca Records.

Tetris (2023) - IMDb Tetris (R)
Opens on Friday, March 31
Starring: Taron Egerton, Mara Huf, Miles Barrow 

The story of how one of the world’s most popular video games found its way to players around the globe. Businessman Henk Rogers and Tetris inventor Alexey Pajitnov join forces in the USSR, risking it all to bring Tetris to the masses.

Rye Lane (2023) - IMDb Rye Lane (R)
Opens on Friday, March 31
Starring: David Jonsson, Vivian Oparah, Poppy Allen-Quarmby 

Two youngsters reeling from bad breakups who connect over an eventful day in South-London.

Malum 2023 Movie Poster Many Size | eBay Malum (NR)
Opens on Friday, March 31
Starring: Jessica Sula, Monroe Cline, Clarke Wolfe 

A rookie police officer willingly takes the last shift at a newly decommissioned police station in an attempt to uncover the mysterious connection between her father’s death and a vicious cult.

 Smoking Causes Coughing (NR)
Opens on Friday, March 31
Starring: Gilles Lellouche, Vincent Lacoste, Anaïs Demoustier 

A group of vigilantes called the “tobacco-forces” is falling apart. To rebuild team spirit, their leader suggests that they meet for a week-long retreat, before returning to save the world.

Kill Boksoon (2023) - IMDb Kill Boksoon (NR)
Opens on Friday, March 31
Starring: Jeon Do-yeon, Fahim Fazli, Hwang Jung-min 

A single mother who is a renowned hired killer finds it difficult to achieve a balance between her personal and work life.

Acidman Acidman (NR)
Opens on Friday, March 31
Starring: Dianna Agron, Thomas Haden Church, Sameerah Luqmaan-Harris

Maggie tracks down her estranged and reclusive father Lloyd; together they attempt to make first contact.

Summoning Sylvia (2023) - IMDb Summoning Sylvia (R)
Opens on Friday, March 31
Starring: Travis Coles, Frankie Grande, Troy Iwata 

A gay bachelor party turned spooky when sinister spirits are suddenly summoned.

Between Sins (2022) - IMDb Between Sins (NR)
Opens on Friday, March 31
Starring: George Taylor, Rigoberto Duval, Carolyn Johnson 

After serving five years in prison, Coy returns home with determination to avoid the people and situations that sent his life spiraling out of control. After Pudda, Coy’s old friend comes back around expecting things to pick up where they left off, Coy’s determination to change is put to the test when the things he thought to be true now appear to be a lie. Now he must distinguish between what is temporary, and what is forever. Between Sins is a tale about the “art of living”, originally known to be the definition of philosophy. In Between Sins, the characters reveal character.

In Viaggio: The Travels of Pope Francis movie large poster. In Viaggio: The Travels of Pope Francis (NR)
Opens on Friday, March 31
Starring: Pope Francis

In the first nine years of his pontificate, Pope Francis made 37 trips visiting 53 countries, focusing on his most important issues: poverty, migration, the environment, solidarity and war. Intrigued by the fact that two of Francis’s trips – the first to the refugees landing in Lampedusa; the second in 2021 to the Middle East – so closely mirrored the itineraries of his films Fuocoammare (Fire At Sea, 2016) and Notturno (2020), Rosi follows the Pope’s Stations of the Cross. He sees what he sees, hears what he says and creates a dialogue between archival footage of Francis’ travels, images taken by Rosi himself, recent history and the state of the world today.

Capsules (2022) - IMDb Capsules (NR)
Opens on Friday, March 31
Starring: Caroline Potter Shriver, Marcus Fahey, Kate Pittard

After experimenting with mysterious substances, four chem students find themselves addicted in the worst way possible: they’ll die unless they take more.

Synopsis by IMDB. 

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