Unforgotten (PBS) Rated TV-MA

Police begin an investigation after the discovery of a young man’s bones are found in a home’s basement. Starring  Nicola Walker, Sanjeev Bhaskar, and Jordan Long.

This series takes many different avenues to find the killer. It seems like everyone is a suspect, and each episode focuses on one of the suspects as you try to figure out who the killer really is. This is an interesting story. The British do a wonderful job of taking a story and bringing it to life, and Unforgotten is no different. This show holds your attention; it’s one of those dramas that makes you think the killer is the one you least expect. The acting is fine, but the stereotypes are overly done. This is one of those shows that is enjoyable to watch, but it doesn’t keep you glued to the TV week after week. It’s worth the occasional watch.

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