What Happens at the Abbey (E!) Rated NR

This reality show goes behind the scenes of the bar “The Abbey,” a local hot spot in LA. Starring Kim Senser, Billy Reilich, and Murray Swanby.

I was not impressed by this series. Reality TV has hit a new low with this one. The first episode basically introduces the characters to us and makes it clear that the show is based on sex. Every character seems to be out for sex, and no one cares about anyone but themself. It just made me nauseous to witness how sick this show is. It’s not fun to have your focus be on who can make you feel good in the moment rather than finding someone to share a lifetime of moments with. Everyone is seeking something for themselves. None of the characters relate to me, and none of the characters make me want to be them. It’s the worst reality show I’ve seen. Also, I don’t ever want to visit The Abbey, even just to spot a celebrity. I wouldn’t step foot inside. It’s not worth the watch.

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