Avatar (2009)

Rated PG-13

I saw this film in 3-D. Was it worth it? Ahh, no, I don’t think so.  I couldn’t tell if the movie really was in 3-D. Did that make it worth it? I don’t think so, I wanted to transported to this world. I wanted to feel like I was apart of it. I didn’t feel that.  Was it worth an Oscar? No. The storyline is unoriginal. I consider it a remake of Pocahontas. Guy goes to new world, meets girl, saves world, and leaves, except he stays. Wow, that’s different. I’ve seen this before not just Pocahontas but in other movies.  I love you James Cameron but really you couldn’t be more original. Now, the effects, they were incredible. James Cameron has just changed the art of movie making forever.  And for that you received the Oscar.

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