The Road (2009)

Rated R

The film starts by following a father and son on a journey to the coast in a post-apocalyptic world. This movie is very sluggish and doesn’t explain the events very effectively. I’m not one that needs to be knocked over the head in details but I would like to know how we get to the starting  point. I felt like they never clarified why this family went on this journey. We have the father who questions God and the son, who was born in the post-apocalyptic world, and who constantly reminds his father of humanity. I have to say though, if I hear another, ‘oh, papa’ from the boy I’ll scream.  I felt tortured though the film from not understanding how the post-apocalyptic world happened to the son always crying out ‘oh, papa’.  It just dragged on without much answers or for any reasoning to why we would watch this film.  This film was based on the  book by Cormac McCarthy, which, I haven’t read but I do recommend reading it. The book has to be better than the film.

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