Library Movies

These are movies feature a library or a librarian.

Good News (1947)

Rated NR

Famed for the gigantic production number “Varsity Drag,” Good News is anything but a drag! Filmed at MGM in 1947 during the golden age of Hollywood musicals, this spirited collegiate romp stars a couple of  Ivy League coeds who can sing, dance, conjugate French verbs and win the big game … all before math class. The movie chalked up an Academy Award nomination for Best Song (“Pass That Peace Pipe”).

Desk Set (1957)

Rated NR

Bunny Watson is a reference librarian whose tepid long-term relationship with television executive Mike Cutler is fizzling. Enter Richard Sumner, a no-nonsense computer genius who’s created a new product named Miss Emmy to automate the work of Bunny and her co-workers. The two butt heads in the beginning, but soon their disdain for one another turns to romantic sparks.

Music Man (1962)

Rated G

It doesn’t get any better than this slice of Midwestern Americana: Charming con man Harold Hill wants to steal River City citizens’ money with a “boys’ band” scam, but finds it hard to skip town when lovely librarian Marian Paroo steals his heart. Composer Meredith Wilson’s valentine to his own hometown packs great songs and wonderful performances.

With Honors (1994)

Rated PG-13

Harvard public-policy major Monty Kessler finds himself in a pinch when his thesis ends up in the hands of Simon Wilder, a resourceful vagabond living in the university library’s basement. Sensing a meal ticket, Simon offers to trade pages of the essay for food and lodging. An unlikely bond forms between the pair, and Simon teaches the self-absorbed, overachiever Monty that there’s more to life than book learning.

Somewhere In Time (1980)

Rated PG

In this unabashedly romantic film, an elderly woman approaches playwright Richard Collier  and presses a pocket watch into his hand whispering, “Come back to me.” Years later, Collier becomes obsessed with a picture of an early 1900s actress and discovers that she’s the woman who gave him the watch. Collier wills himself back in time to find the woman, and the two begin a love affair.

synopsis by Netflix.

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