Documentary Films

Beyond the Gates of Splendor (2005)

Rated PG-13

This documentary tells the extraordinary story of five American missionaries who, in 1956, traveled to the Amazon basin of Ecuador, where they were killed by the Waodani, an intensely violent tribe of indigenous people. Upon learning of the murders, family members of the slain men took up the missionaries’ work with the Waodani, ultimately bringing peace to the savage culture through their teachings of love and forgiveness.

Hiding and Seeking (2004)

Rated NR

In this compelling documentary from the directors of the just-as-riveting A Life Apart: Hasidism in America, a father takes his grown-up Orthodox Jewish sons to Poland to teach them about the perils of putting up walls to keep those they consider dangerous outside. After he introduces them to the Polish family who helped their grandfather during the Holocaust, they discover the value in building bridges.

One Day in September (1999)

Rated R

In 1972, eight Palestinian terrorists interrupted the Munich Olympics by taking 11 Israeli athletes hostage. Besides footage taken at the time, we see interviews with surviving terrorist Jamal Al Gashey and various officials detailing how the German police, lacking an antiterrorism squad and turning down help from the Israelis, botched the rescue operation.

Parallel Lines (2004)

Rated NR

Still reeling in the wake of Sept. 11, 2001, filmmaker Nina Davenport recorded her cross-country journey from California to her home in New York City, where her apartment once overlooked the World Trade Center. The result is a poignant meditation on life and loss — a film that finds Davenport connecting randomly with the people she meets along the way, who candidly share their thoughts about human suffering, love and war.

This Old Cub (2004)

Rated NR

Filmmaker Jeff Santo paints a moving portrait of the man some have called the best player who’s not in the Baseball Hall of Fame: Ron Santo, a man he simply called “Dad.” Reflecting on his father’s 40-year career as a Chicago Cubs third baseman and on-air commentator, the director combines vintage game footage with interviews with former teammates and fans.

synopsis by Netflix.

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