Dopesick Nation (Viceland) Rated TV-MA

The series follows two recovering addicts as they assist other addicts with recovery in the midst of the opioid epidemic. Starring Allie Severino.

I have yet to like a show on Viceland. So far, the shows they’ve produced are nothing of consequence, but then, I watched this show. This is a show worth a watch. We see two former addicts racing to save the ones that they can from this disease. We see them fight for these people – people whose own family members struggle to help. We also get the inside look at what happens behind the doors of the rehab industry, including the corruption and exploitation of the addicts. This is a show worthy of an award. I’m hoping and praying that the race against time is on the recovering addicts’ side as they help the ones they can. This show is worth a watch.

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