The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (2006)

Rated NR

I few weeks ago I rebloged the shortlibrarian’s review of this film.  She loved it; I enjoyed it. I enjoyed the Japanese anime, I enjoyed the storyline, but I had a hard time after the story. Things seemed to be missing. If you read the book you may have understood the concept a little better and I have heard that the story in the book is different from the film. I don’t understand how in the future there is no baseball or how soon will there be no baseball. I don’t get how the time will lapse so the friends can all meet up in the future. The timing just through me off. Although, the film didn’t explain the time-lapse very well, it’s still is a wonderful film. The film has an incredible storyline about second chances and how to use those second chances. A lovely film overall. Worth a watch.

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